2017 Executive Committee - Legend



Diversity, Revolution, Integrity, Progress



  • Recruit new members from different backgrounds and develop talents and strengths of members
  • Diversify the composition of registered members and events, and service students from various backgrounds
  • Build up a good brand image and reputation of CUPSA, and enhance its internal and external influence
  • Listen to the voice from all sectors of the community, and fight for legal rights and benefits for the postgraduate students of CUHK


Proposed Special Events in the New Semesters

  1. On-Key Live Singing Contest: The sound of music, the dream of enthusiasm
  2. KAIF(Knowledge & Action International Forum): An open platform for academic exchange with alumni career talk
  3. Orientation Camp: Party on with the new blood!
  4. High Table Dinner: Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with talents and celebrities and expand your social connections


The 11th Executive Committee (2017):

English Name


Current Program

Zoe Hua


MA in Comparative and Public History

Kay Liu

Internal Vice-President

MSSc in Advertising

Nirvana Zhong

External Vice-President

MA in Sociology

Cissy Wang


MA in English Literary Studies

Karen Chen


MSSc in Housing Studies

Pippin Song

Administration General Executive

MA in Visual Culture Studies

Mirror Chen

Publicity General Executive

MSc in E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies

Ellie Peng

Public Relation General Executive

MSc in Business Analytics

Kate Guo

University Affairs General Executive

MA in Journalism

Hedy Zhang

Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

MSSc in Advertising

Kelly Ma

Career Service General Executive

MA in Social Service Management

Sherilyn Yang

IT General Executive

MSc in Information Engineering

Zoe Hua   President

My strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done with my responsibility and enthusiasm, because I do believe whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. In the forthcoming year of 2017, I hope we can grow up with CUPSA.


Kay Liu   Internal Vice-President

Hi! This is Kay from the major of Advertising. As a creative I am enthusiastic about exploring and innovating. As a music and film lover I am determined to be “a bridge over troubled water”, and believe that “With great power there must also come great responsibility”. As the proposed Internal Vice-President of CUPSA I am prepared for dedicating myself to building a better team, and will never stop fighting for love and truth. Always be grateful. Cheers!


Nirvana Zhong   External Vice-President

To be curious, sensitive, tolerant and observative.


Cissy Wang   Secretary

Recently graduated from HKBU with the degree of Comparative Literature, I am currently pursuing further study of English Literary Studies at CUHK: a pessimistic idealist oscillating between detached engagement and eclectic cynicism. In liberis libertas. In the forthcoming year of 2017, I will do my utmost to undertake the secretarial work at CUPSA for the betterment and development of postgraduate students at CUHK.


Karen Chen   Treasurer

Hello, I'm Karen Chen Ni. I'm now a postgraduate student majoring in Housing Studies. I'm really fond of variation and challenges so my dream is to travel all over the world.


Pippin Song   Administration General Executive

Pippin Song, MA in Visual Culture Studies. A climber enjoying conquering hardships with no fear of rocks or storms. An explorer constantly seeking and recording the unknown, using my footsteps to measure the dynamic world.


Mirror Chen   Publicity General Executive

My name is CHEN Jingru and my english name is Mirror. I graduated from Hainan University. Now, I am a student of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. My major is E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies. Just like my name, which comes from the POET with the meaning "keep heart clean and be tolerant for everything just like a mirror". I hope I can help CUPSA to hold more activities to promote the communication among students. Shall we enjoy the time in CUHK together?


Ellie Peng   Public Relation General Executive

I am Ellie. My major is Business Analytics. I have a great variety of interests. I played as a drummer in a band and enjoy painting in my leisure time. I love baking and eating dessert. Joining CUPSA has enriched my experience and hopefully I can contribute more to it. I am also looking forward to meeting different people. “Ichi-go ichi-e” is my motto and all I was given shall be cherished.


Kate Guo   University Affairs General Executive

I am GUO Yanjun majoring in Journalism. As a typical girl from Northern China, I am warm-hearted, outgoing and honest. It is my greatest fortune that I have made a good many of reliable friends, and I myself have never stopped advancing for a better me. Within my three months in CUPSA, I put up one of CUPSA's brand activities with other Probationary Officers. I always enjoy working towards the same goal as a member of a team, and I hope my endeavour can help build your unforgettable memories at CUHK.


Hedy Zhang   Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

Hello everyone, this is ZHANG Qiu majoring in Advertising, and you can call me Hedy. Born and raised in ChongQing, I am responsible and easygoing. I have grown fond of travel during my study tour to Taiwan, and as a result I later went to Kenya for volunteer and Turkey for internship. I feel so lucky to be part of the CUPSA family, where the outstanding colleague-friends have always been inspiring me towards excellence.


Kelly Ma   Career Service General Executive

Hello everyone, my name is MA Beihui and my English name is Kelly. My major in CUHK is Social Service Management. I come from Beijing, and I am very approachable as well as accommodating. Meanwhile, I work with high efficiency. I have met a number of new friends and learned a lot during my term as a CUPSA Probationary Officer. I will make great efforts to provide you with better services and devote to making your campus life wonderful in the future. Thank you!


Sherilyn Yang   IT General Executive

I am YANG Shuang, majoring in Information Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. During these months of working in CUPSA, I organised activities with other Probationary Officers, busy but content. I hope I can continue to work in CUPSA and grow with it.