2018 Executive Committee - Chasin’


Our Vision:

Chase it & Make it


Our Missions & Plans for the New Semesters

Capability Uniqueness Perfection Satisfaction Advancement

  1. Chasing Satisfaction
    Listen to the voices from various quarters, promote multilateral exchanges and fight for the rights and benefits for the postgraduate community at CUHK.
  2. Chasing Uniqueness
    Diversify the composition of activities, and serve the culturally assorted postgraduates and enrich their campus life.
  3. Chasing Innovation
    Innovate and advance with the times, create new opportunities and more value for the postgraduate students.
  4. Chasing Capability
    Recruit new talented members, advocate the diversification of backgrounds of members and maximize their comprehensive capability.
  5. Chasing Perfection
    Establish a solid brand image of CUPSA, better our reputation and enhance our overall influence.


The 12th Executive Committee (2018):

English Name


Current Program

Hank DUPresidentMarketing
Sherman HUInternal Vice PresidentTranslation
Christy SHIExternal Vice PresidentSociology
Cynthia LIUGeneral Vice PresidentJournalism
Shiney YANGSecretaryGovernment & Politics (Greater China)
Ray WEISecretary CoordinatorSocial Service Management
Flora XUSecretary CoordinatorSocial Service Management
Ines ZHANGTreasurerInformation and Technology Management
Celia DUTreasure CoordinatorMarketing
Liang ZHANGAdministration General ExecutiveGeoinformation Science
Bob LIAdministration General CoordinatorEconomics
Amber LIPublicity General ExecutiveNew Media
Lenka ZHOUPublicity General CoordinatorAdvertising
Sammy YUANPublic Relation General ExecutiveGovernment & Politics (Greater China)
Christina WANGPublic Relation General CoordinatorLaw
Shirley HUANGCareer Service General ExecutiveMarketing
Sophie HONGCareer Service General CoordinatorEducation
POON CHUN YANUniversity Affairs General ExecutiveGovernment & Politics (Greater China)
Maggie CHENUniversity Affairs General CoordinatorBiomedical Engineering
Elizabeth KAMInter-Culture Communication General ExecutiveMental Health
Terry ZHANGInter-Culture Communication General CoordinatorMarketing
Helen LIUIT General ExecutiveGlobal Political Economy
Janice LIAOIT General CoordinatorFood Science, Nutrition and Technology

Hank Du   President

Hello everyone, this is Hank Du studying for my MSc in Marketing. Sometimes I am quiet and sometimes I am dynamic. I can make the most of my time by straining or relaxing myself. I have a multicultural perspective and I expect to achieve mastery through my comprehensive study.
I wish to see a world in a grain of sand, and to hold infinity in the palm of my hand. My body and my soul are always on the road.
It is very grateful for me to study at CUHK and meeting members from CUPSA. I sincerely thank all my friends. May we take persistence as our friends and creativity as our references, to strive for the best performance.


Sherman Hu   Internal Vice-President

Hi, this is Sherman, currently studying in the Department of Translation. I am ardently fond of languages. Meanwhile, I eagerly expect to build bridges of communication among people through the power of words. CUPSA enables everyone to give full play to their talents. I hope that we can work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts, so as to continue the wonderful chapters of CUPSA.
My motto: To perfect our knowledge of the nature of things, purify our motives, and rectify our heart.


Christy Shi   External Vice-President

I believe strength and growth come only through continuous effort. I do not run away from challenges but run over them. With solid unity, CUPSA and I would make more wonderful achievements in the coming year.


Cynthia Liu   General Vice-President

I am Cynthia Liu, majoring in Journalism. I come from a small city in Southern China but I have a cow-girl heart from the Northern China. I wish to be noble in spirit and stick to our purpose while inquiring the world with earnestness and reflecting with self-practice. I always believe we can build the future by gaining insight into things. Even though in the darkest night, our mind remains ablaze. I hope to be an explorer constantly probing into the unknown, and using my footsteps to measure the dynamic world.


Shiney Yang   Secretary

This is Shiney. I am a Guangdong girl currently studying in the program of Government Policy (Greater China) at CUHK. I have great love for Hong Kong and enthusiasm in studying there. If life is a constant process of knowing myself, then CUPSA does play an important role in it. Maybe this explains why CUPSA is so attractive to me. I sincerely hope that we can strive to make CUPSA a better place.


Ray Wei   Secretary Coordinator

Please imagine that you have a specific function, and when you see me at first glance you can see a giraffe walking on the road called “counter-attacking to adverse conditions”. Although imaging myself as a giraffe seems that I have grandiose aims but modest abilities, yet it cannot conceal my ambition of being visionary. I am convinced that I will successfully counter the adversities by having a broad horizon and flexible mind. My name is Wei Yuan, and I will work with and serve CUPSA with my enthusiasm, inspiration, and pragmatism. I promise to bring you a growing postgraduate association.


Flora Xu   Secretary Coordinator

My name is Xu Jiarong, and you can also call me Flora. I major in Social Service Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I’m very cheerful and active. Meanwhile, I’m also a practical and earnest perfectionist paying special attention to details. I’m fond of traveling around the world, listening to music, playing piano, and taking part in social activities. Finally, I hope I can meet more like-minded friends. I believe joining CUPSA will make my postgraduate life rich and colorful.


Ines Zhang   Treasurer

Hello, I am Zhang Xiaojun, studying Information and Technology Management. I enjoy my time in CUPSA and I appreciate the help from the members from CUPSA. Let’s fight for a better CUPSA.


Celia Du   Treasurer Coordinator

Hi! This is Celia studying for my MSc in Marketing at CUHK. I am from Hunan Province and I cannot do without hot peppers. My motto of life is “trying my best to achieve what I want and always accompany the ones I love”. I hope to cherish and share the wonderful time at CUHK with other postgraduate students by being devoted to CUPSA.


Liang Zhang   Administration General Executive

I am Zhang Liang, studying for my MA in Geoinformation Science. I love traveling, delicacies, and movies. I am an optimistic, responsible and warm-hearted person. I feel so lucky to be part of the CUPSA family, where the outstanding colleague-friends have always been inspiring me towards excellence. In the coming year of 2018, I will do my best to undertake these critical works at CUPSA for the betterment and development of postgraduate students at CUPSA.


Shibo Li   Administration General Coordinator

Hello, I am Li Shibo. I am now an Economics major. I got to know CUPSA in June 2017, when I acted as a helper in the shared meeting. I was impressed greatly by the efficiency and kindness of members in CUPSA. I am willing to stay in CUPSA to fulfil my duty seriously and spare no effort to help the postgraduate students at CUHK


Amber Li   Publicity General Executive

Everyone is special but I’m cool. I’m Amber, an upbeat life discoverer, a humanist thinker and a future designer. I, myself, want to be the expressiveness of the individuality of the creator. CUPSA is great and I just want to be the chosen one.


Lenka Zhou   Publicity General Coordinator

Hi! This is Lenka majoring in Advertising. I am a travel lover and an explorer seeking the unknown. It's my great honor to be proposed to join CUPSA. I believe whatever worth doing is worth doing well. In the forthcoming year of 2018, I hope to grow up with CUPSA. Thank you.


Sammy Yuan   Public Relation General Executive

Being fun, loving and active, I enjoy every moment in my life and take it seriously. In the coming 2018, I hope I can contribute to CUPSA more and grow with it.


Christina Wang   Public Relation General Coordinator

Life is a fantastic adventure. I am so glad to catch the bus of CUPSA. “The more you give, the more you receive” is the universal truth. I hope to create more value for postgraduate students at CUHK with my teammates in CUPSA.


Shirley Huang   Career Service General Executive

Hello, I’m Shirley, majoring in Marketing. I am glad to be proposed as the Career Service General Executive. CUPSA is an excellent organization. My plan for the next year is to provide personalized career guidance and prepare the postgraduate students for employment. It will be conducted through online and offline career development activities. I hope my creativity and leadership can help me better serve CUPSA.


Sophie Hong   Career Service General Coordinator

Hi, I am Sophie majoring in Education, with my strong passion and pursuit. I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Nanjing Normal University. In my daily life, I love traveling and exploring all kinds of delicious food. To be an explorer rather than a tourist is one of my principles. I will try my best to better serve CUPSA with my lovely teammates in the coming year!


Louis Poon   University Affairs General Executive

It is my pleasure to meet everyone in CUPSA in a crowded world. During these four months, we had a strong connection with each other. By far, I have been known as an energetic person in CUPSA as POON Chun Yan, studying for his MSSC with the major of Government and Politics (Greater China). Although I am a local student in Hong Kong, I also experience the culture in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan. I love football, volleyball, table tennis, e-sports, traveling, calligraphy, creation, singing, and dancing, etc. You can find me in every activity held or co-operated by CUPSA. My vigorousness do help me make new friends with each other much easier. I hope to keep experiencing the unforgettable things and meeting new people, and I expect I can have invaluable memories in my life.


Maggie Chen   University Affairs General Coordinator

I am an Aquarius girl. I am casual in my daily life but persistent in my work. I major in Biomedical Engineering at CUHK. I am really into traveling, doing sports and idling. My favorite band “May Day” is always inspiring me. I am looking forward to my campus life with CUPSA in the coming year, and I believe more wonderful things are waiting for us.


Elizabeth Kam   Inter-Culture Communication General Executive

Hey, here’s Elizabeth, who thinks like a man but acts like a lady. I don’t get things stuck in my way, and I just do whatever I want. Someone people said to me that I was a spoiled brat. As for my generation, there are many spoiled children, but I am not. Throughout studying aboard in the United Kingdom, I learned to be calm in the frustrating situations and help others. I am no longer dependent on others. My parents also considered that their daughter had become a reliable and independent girl.


Terry Zhang   Inter-Culture Communication General Coordinator

Hello, everyone. My name is Terry. I am a student studying for my MSc in Marketing. During my time working in CUPSA, I made acquaintance with many good friends and got a lot of happiness! I hope to organize more activities for everyone and make our campus life more colorful.


Helen Liu   IT General Executive

I am Helen, majoring in Global Political Economy. I graduated from Sichuan University and got 2 bachelor degrees which are Journalism and Finance. I am a science student but I love art and literature. There are 3 places I love the best: the gym, library, and KTV. I can write a 120-thousand-word paper and can run a 12-kilometer race. My favorite line is “with love and ability, I can make a living; with creativity and independence, I make myself irreplaceable.”


Janice Liao   IT General Coordinator

I love food as well as cuisine. I love to exercise as well as to study. It is my pleasure to join CUPSA. I believe in the sentence “ideal is power”. I hope to have a happy ending by achieving my ideal dream. Fighting!