'A Date With Sweet Spring’ - Joint-University Ball

By Melody 

With the PSAs of The University of Hong Kong(HKU) and City University of Hong Kong(CityU), CUPSA has successfully held ‘A  Date With Swest Spring’ Joint-University Ball on 23rd Feb for the first time on CUHK campus. There were 80 participants in total, among whom a lady from CityU and a gentleman from HKU were named the Queen and the King of the Ball for their excellent performance.

The theme for the event was ‘romantic love’, with the venue decorated in the theme colours of pink, red and purple. All ladies were asked to dress up or wear accessories in the theme colours whereas gentlemen shall wear a suit in colors at their choice. The presidents of the three postgraduates associations, namely, Miss. Vici MA of CUPSA, Miss. YU Miaomiao of HKUPGSA and Mr. ZHAO Zhipeng of CUPA attended the event as well.   

The ball consisted of two parts: dancing and games. 

The latin dance and modern dance brought by CUHK students marked a great beginning and warmed the event up. After the romantic Waltz there came the fantastic performances. 

The cool modern dance by CityU and beautiful voices of HKU impressed all again. Thereafter, the participants from three universities played some relaxing as well as romantic games which reinforced their sense of cooperation and gave them a better chance to know more about each other.

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