Notice of 2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of Central China District


Dear incoming postgraduate students of the CUHK,


You are cordially invited to attend 2014 Incoming Students Sharing Session of Central China District, during which you have a wonderful chance to communicate with some alumnus, seniors and other new schoolmates.


The sharing session is hosted by the Postgraduate Students Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA). There, you will get the first-hand information about renting apartments, living, learning as well as employment. At the same time, the institutions and daily operation of CUPSA will be introduced.  Besides, you will be given a chance to communicate with other alumnus, and also have an ice-breaking talk with more than 100 incoming postgraduate students from different departments. It is too great an opportunity to miss, so, what are you waiting for?


More details of sharing session are as follows:

Host: The Postgraduate Student Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUPSA)

Date: 2014/5/24 (Saturday)

Place: Central China Normal University, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Activity arrangement (you should attend the entire activity):

    14:00-17:00 Sharing between incoming students and alumni (Lecture Hall, Building No 9, Central China Normal University)

18:00-20:00 Dinner and Ice-breaker activity (Chinese Restaurant, GuiYuan Guesthouse, Central China Normal University)

Fee: RMB 100 per person (including dinner fee)

Quota: 150 people (first come, first severed)

Dress: smart casual

Date of Application: 2014/5/1-2014/5/20

Application Link:

You will receive our confirmation notice of your successful registration before 23:59, 2014/5/20 (Tuesday), informing you payment methods.


Each incoming postgraduate students from the CUHK is available to this Sharing Session, and if you have any question please e-mail to officers from CUPSA.

JIN Honggu, Demetria:

ZHU Shize, Jude:


Or you could join the QQ Group of CUHK2014 alumni from Central China District, and the number is 157965739.


We are recruiting some incoming student volunteers to help organize this session. CPUSA will contact them directly for completing the preparations together. Someone who intend to join CPUSA after the enrollment in 2014, do not miss this opportunity.


Officer Registration for incoming students:


With Regards,

The Postgraduate Student Association

The Chinese University of Hong Kong







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